Krabi in Thailand : hot water and yoga

Photo Krabi in Thailand : hot water and yoga

Krabi is the most popular town of the province which is also called Krabi. It is a coastal town situated in Southern Thailand. It is really popular as a good destination for natural tourism. The primary income of the location is the tourism.

Traveling to Krabi is not only for having fun and discovering its beauty, but it is also for refreshing your mind and body, even healing some kinds of illness. The natural hot water and the yoga are among the best reasons why people visit Krabi.

Discover and enjoy the natural hot water of Krabi

Apart from the beautiful landscapes and beaches, Krabi is also the best destination for hot springs. Thanks to the climate and the topography, Krabi has hot weather almost all year. This is the reason why water stays warm and hot. This has led to the formation of several hot springs around the town.

Natural hot water is one of the many things that attract countless visitors to this town. Hot springs have a very attractive scenery made by romantic waterfalls from rocky mountains, natural ponds, green trees and clear hot water. They are a perfect place to enjoy the beauty of the nature and to take a swim in the warm water. The best destinations for hot water in Krabi are:

  • Namtok Ron Khlong Thom is a waterfall situated in a small jungle. One of the most popular destinations for hot springs in Kabri.
  • Emerald Pool is not far from Namtok Ron Khlong Thom, composed of clear and emerald color hot water surrounded by green forests.
  • Than Bok Khorani National Park is a super natural area built by large rainforests, a wide range of wildlife and that hot spring that attracts a number of visitors.

Get refreshed by practicing yoga in Krabi

For anyone who wants to refresh their body and mind, Krabi is recommended for them. The practice of yoga has been almost spread throughout the world, especially in Thailand. Many places such as Koh Phangan, Koh Samui and Krabi are among the best destinations for body and mind retreats. Considered as a big business, this has become a very popular service and takes a very important place in the growth of Krabi's economy.

Visitors can apply a variety of spiritual techniques and movements while having a yoga session in Krabi. Most of Krabi Resorts and spas have expert therapists who can help and teach you to provide setting of practice in order to get a great result in relaxation and healing. The main objective of Krabi yoga is to improve your fitness, physical and mental well-being. Marina yoga, Green yoga Krabi and Aonang Yoga are included in the list of the most visited place for yoga practice in Krabi.

Travel to Krabi to enjoy the natural landscapes and get refreshed

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